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  • The BB Cape

                                        by the hijabstylist

    The BB cape is the ultimate accessory for the modern woman's modest wardrobe. It is a major key to the classy coverage of the 'Boobs and Butt' which is where it gets its name.  With the elegant draping of The BB Cape you can achieve both modesty and beauty at the at the same time.














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  • Advice: Styling your BB Cape

    Black is Versatile

    Pair this cape with black beneath (skirt or pants) to go for a full back look. You can also achieve a more casual look if you work the cape over a pair of jeans with sneakers. The BB cape adds class to any outfit. Instead of wearing a black scarf, these neutral coloured hijabs give the outfit life!

    Semi Formal

    Wearing a cape over pants provide great coverage. You can wear a cape with a regular shirt beneath it for a semi formal look, or even add a statement necklace to complete the look. The front of the cape sits right below your chest so you can wear it with high waist pants. I've paired the cape with a neutral shade from the Hijab House collection.

    Dress it up

    A quick outfit hack is to wear The BB Cape over a plain or regular outfit to give it an elegant look as pictured above. The cape adds a whole other dimension to a plain or regular outfit.

    Solution to the sleeveless

    All modest fashion lovers at one point or another have run into issues with sleeves! sometimes wearing a long sleeve top beneath a dress can make it look less formal, or detract for the beauty of the dress. Throwing the The BB cape over your outfit enhances the final look and conceals sleeves nicely.

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